Audio : FREE WORLD Guided Meditation

This meditation helps you to heal your relationship with the world so that you can more calmly co-exist with whatever is happening.

Through honouring the timeless truths that the ‘outer reflects the inner’ and ‘as above, so below’ with this meditation you can be a positive presence in the world, and help it to heal, by being the change you wish to see. Looking out at the tapestry of tasks requiring love and attention and choosing to see and be the potential for peace and love, you are a beacon of light guiding the heart of humanity home to the unifying truth that connects and calms us all.

It is my hope that by using this meditation regularly, you experience yourself as a peaceful and positive presence in the world. You treat the planet as if it were nirvana, and interact with others knowing we are all divine. You welcome all of life, not just some of it, due to your deep willingness to experience the full spectrum of life and the endless possibilities of love. By you being peaceful and you being free, you are playing your part in helping the world know peace and humanity live free.


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