Audio :  BEING HERE NOW Guided Meditations


This open-eyed Reality Check meditation involves taking your attention to your senses to see, feel, hear, smell and taste what is occurring right now.

There are no present moment thoughts. All thoughts are about the past or future. It is useful therefore to have a reality check when you notice you are 'lost in your thinking mind'. The more you are in the moment the less you are in your mind and the quieter it naturally becomes. Furthermore, as you become actively aware of what is happening now, you experience the still silent presence of what your awareness.

It can sometimes take a few moments for the audio to begin... 

By using this open-eyed Now Space meditation you will find that you are 'here and now' and no longer thinking about the past or future. 

The content of physical stuff exists within the context of space, the content of sound happens within the context of silence and all movement occurs within the constant context of stillness. This calm game connects you with the context of still, silence, space. In doing so, you immediately feel more calm and your mind becomes more quiet.

It can sometimes take a few moments for the audio to begin... 

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