By the time you complete this part of your Calmologist training, you will be able to teach Mind Calm Meditation and deliver all 13 Module Talks to your dedicated Coach Trainer. To achieve this you'll do the following:

1 - Watch the Level 1 Mind Calm Course.

2 - Watch the Level 2 Mind Calm Coaching Course.

3 - Deliver the 13 Module Talks to your Coach Trainer.

4 - Answer the exam and complete 3 case studies. For each case study, teach someone how to meditate using Mind Calm - so you will share most, if not all, of the talks with each case study participant. When writing up your case studies, include what you covered and why, and what you found difficult and easy.  



1 - Welcome + Course Agenda + How To Graduate 

2 - Deliver Module Talks 1 to 4

3 - Deliver Module Talks 5 to 7

4 - Deliver Module Talks 10 to 12

5 - Deliver Module Talks 13 (including 8)

Meditate every day with Mind Calm and ask your trainer any questions you may have during your Skype sessions.

Click on this logo when you're ready to do your exam and submit your case studies: