Audio : SELF-HEALING Guided Meditation

Here is the 14-minute Body Calm Guided Meditation Sitting from the Body Calm album. On the album you will also find a further 10 guided meditations. 

Body Calm Meditations offers a powerful way to meditate that uses the mind-body connection to help your body heal and stay healthy. Using these enjoyable guided meditations you can clear the main mind-based causes of inner ‘dis-ease’ by developing key mental beliefs that enable you to engage with daily life in a much more relaxed and stress-free way. This ultimately gives your body the rest it needs to recover, and the holistic harmony that is the foundation of lifelong health and happiness. 

'Guided meditations tackling the deep causes of stress'  RED MAGAZINE


Exclusive to Calm Clan Members

BODY CALM SCAN is a 23-minute guided meditation that focuses on bringing balance and healing to 25 areas of your body. During this enjoyable meditation, Sandy guides you through a series of positive and powerful ‘Embodying Thoughts’ that are specially designed to help heal the most common mind-based causes of conditions occurring within the different body parts.

Starting at your toes and moving up through your body, using this meditation regularly can improve the communications happening within your mind and body and encourage the body to remain in a state of inner harmony and healthy balance. 

BODY CALM ORGAN SCAN is a 14-minute guided meditation that harnesses the power of the mind-body connection to aid the healing of the main organs of the body. During this powerful meditation, Sandy guides you through a series of 'Embodying Thoughts' that have been carefully formulated to heal the most common mind-based causes of conditions within the main organs. 

Including your heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and nine other organs, if you have a physical problem relating to any of your organs or simply want to support their on-going health, you don't want to miss this wonderful guided meditation.