Videos : HEALING THE HIDDEN CAUSE of Conditions

This video includes 3 ways to explore the hidden cause. It is an extract from the 12-part Calmology course available within this Calm Clan. 

In this video Sandy takes you through the Health chapter of the book and provides additional guidance on healing the hidden cause.


What is happening within my body, i.e. what is my body actually doing?

If the physical condition was trying to send a symbolic message to me, what might it be saying? 

If the condition was a negative emotion, what emotion would it be?

How does having the condition make me feel? Where in my life have I been feeling this way and what's been happening that I do not want?

How might my body be mirroring my life?

What was happening in my life during the 12–18 months leading up to when I first noticed the physical condition? What bad things were happening? What good things were happening? What problematic situation was resolved? 

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