By the time you complete this part of your Calmologist training, you will be able to effectively and safely use the most relevant Calmology principles and techniques - during one coaching session and over a series of sessions.

To achieve this you'll do the following:

1 - Watch the Combining Part 1 and 2 (found below)

2 - Answer the exam and complete 4 case studies.

* Live webinars will last up to 2 hours each. Click HERE at the date/time of the webinar with Sandy.



1 - Receive + Give a Combined Calmology Session

2 - Questions + Feedback Session

Please do the recommended number of practice sessions (as outlined in the Combining Home Study Guide). This is an exciting part of your course because you are going to discover how much you have learnt and how powerful Calmology is when combined.

Click on this logo when you're ready to do your exam and submit your case studies: