Below you will find your bonus gifts, including the replay of the Book Launch webinar, a 45-minute talk I gave at the Hay House Ignite Conference in 2016, a 14-minute guided Body Calm meditation sitting and part one of the Calm Cure online course. 

Book Launch Webinar Replay : 60 minutes

During this webinar I read some of the more controversial extracts from the first draft of the book (that never made it to the final edit!), give further guidance on getting the best results from the technique and answer your questions. I also announce the competition winners!

If you have enjoyed and benefited from reading Calm Cure, please review it on Amazon. The more 5 star reviews we have, the more people will be encouraged to read it too! Thanks! 


Hay House Ignite Conference Talk : 45 minutes


Part one of the Calm Cure Online Course : 100 minutes


At the end of each chapter use the weblink provided inside the book to access additional free resources (or CLICK HERE). The supporting resources are located within a special area of my Calm Clan membership website. You don’t have to be a member to access the resources supporting this book, however, if you do choose to join us, then you’ll find lots of videos, audios and articles and live broadcasts exclusive to members to help transform your relationship with life.