By the time you complete this part of your Calmologist training, you will be able to effectively and safely use the Calm Cure Technique with others.

To achieve this you'll do the following:

1 - Watch the Level 1 Calm Cure Course.

2 - Watch the Level 2 Calm Cure Coaching Course.

3 - Memorise the 2 Calm Cure Script

4 - Answer the exam and complete 5 case studies.



1 - Receive + Give a Calm Cure Session

2 - Questions + Feedback Session

NOTE: June/July 2017 students... As you are doing this course with the live broadcasts, you will not be required to do these Skype sessions. If you did your practical with Sandy during the training, please proceed to do your 10 co-coaching practice sessions and then your 5 official case studies. 

The key with the Calm Cure technique is practice. This helps you get familiar with the scripts and learn how it works in the 'real world'.  Please do 10 co-coaching practice sessions with your fellow course students and then have Skype 2 with your Coach Trainer before working with anyone that does not know the method. If you both agree you are ready, do a minimum of 5 sessions with friends or family.

Click on this logo when you're ready to do your exam and submit your case studies: