Having now learnt Calmology principles and techniques, it’s time to turn our attention to ‘getting out there’ and sharing your new knowledge and skills - professionally and profitably. To complete this part of the course, you'll do the following:

1 - Read the Business Module material

2 - Read the Marketing Module material

3 - Watch the two module webinar replays

4 - Do the required Co-Coaching Sessions

5 - Answer and submit the final 5 questions



Co-Coaching Session 1

Do a Combined Calmology Mentoring session on ‘getting out there’, ‘being seen’, ‘money blocks’ or any other issue that could prevent you from being successful.

Co-Coaching Session 2

Discuss the services you want to offer, the price you plan to charge, and the niche you aim to target (if appropriate). Share your inspiring story, get feedback on/and improve your Biography, and clarify your first 3 steps towards ‘getting out there’ and starting your journey as a Calmologist .

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