By the time you complete this part of your Calmologist training, you will be able to teach Body Calm Meditation, use the Embodying Exercise and deliver all 8 Module Talks to your Coach Trainer.

To achieve this you'll do the following:

1 - Watch the Level 1 Body Calm Course.

2 - Watch the Level 2 Body Calm Coaching Course.

3 - Deliver the 8 Module Talks to your Coach Trainer.

4 - Answer the exam and complete 3 case studies. For each case study, teach someone how to meditate using Body Calm, cover the appropriate Secret Sources of Stress and use the appropriate Quick Start Cures. When writing up your case studies, include what you covered and why, along with anything you found difficult and easy.



1 - Deliver Module Talks 1 - 5 (Module Talks 3-5 have similarities to the Mind Calm talks you've already done.)

2 - Deliver Module Talks 6 (Give an overview of the 8 Common Cause + guide your trainer through the Quick Starts Cures for each one.)

3 - Deliver Module Talks 7 + 8 (Introduce your trainer to the Embodying Exercise + take them through an Embodying session + use the relevant Directories of 2 conditions the coach will provide during the Skype.)

Please note, you no longer need to attend a live Embodying Calm course. Instead, you will practice the Embodying Exercise with your Coach Trainer during your 4th Skype session, and during a minimum 3 of your Co-Coaching sessions and with 2 of your case study 'clients'.

Click on this logo when you're ready to do your exam and submit your case studies: