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Welcome to the Members Homepage

We hope you enjoy exploring the Calm 'Clan' Community!






Welcome to the Members Homepage

We hope you enjoy exploring the Calm 'Clan' Community!



Welcome to the Members Homepage. Click below for easy access to the live broadcasts, the most used guided meditations and most recent workshop and gathering replays. You will also find links to the online courses including the 12-part Calmology foundation course plus member bonuses. Please use the Explore Inside dropdown menu to access the rest of the Calm Community resources.



Inside the Calm Community this Christmas

Thank you for being part of the Calm Community. Every December I like to give a Christmas present as a way of rewarding your commitment to living a calm conscious life. This year, it's the complete 7-part Calm Cure Online Course, which you can now access anytime inside the Calm Community! I'm very proud of this course and I hope you watch it and benefit from using the technique. But I don't want to stop there. As the year draws to an end and our attention naturally moves to 2018, I'm also excited to announce that I will be running a one-day New Beginnings Online Workshop in January. This workshop will be £108 for non-members, but you can attend for free - so watch this space for more details! 


This year give a life-changing Christmas gift! In my online SHOP I have a number of great gift ideas and offers. Including the Complete Calm Collection, the Time Trilogy and discounted scented Calmdle's. Watch the video for details and then head over to my WEBSITE to order.

* International shipping ends on 15th December and UK shipping ends on 20th December.  



Please only click on the SCHEDULE listing images at the date/time of the live broadcasts. If you've missed any of Sandy's recent Gatherings or Workshops, scroll down to find and play the replays.



We aim to do two daily Calm Meditation Sittings. These can be any time that works for you. If you want to meditate at the same time as other members, then we have one community sitting at 8pm (UK-time) every day. When the countdown hits zero, close your eyes and do a 10-20 minute Calm Meditation Sitting.


MEMBER UPDATE: What's in a name?

Since the inception of this online resource I've wanted to do what I can to create a 'global movement of stillness'. When we are inwardly still we experience peace, make kinder choices, take love-based actions and recognise the unity in the heart of humanity. 

Although my Scottish roots make me love the word 'Clan', I see benefit in using an alternative word that is internationally recognised and more easily understood. I've also been finding myself naturally referring to us as the 'Calm Clan Community' - so I've decided to drop the word 'Clan' and simply use Calm Community. For the time being you can either access the website using or I hope you like our new name! Love, Sandy x

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