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TOP TIP 1 : Learn the Meditation Techniques

Start by visiting the CALM 108 section for your 3-step Quick Start Guide to CALM meditation. Watch the videos in that section and experience your first Mind Calm meditation sitting. 

TOP TIP 2 : Commit to a Daily Meditation Practice

Little and often is the best way to benefit from meditation. As a daily practice, do a 15-minute Mind Calm meditation sitting in the morning - so your day is enjoyable and effective. Then do a 15-minute Body Calm meditation sitting in the afternoon/evening (ideally before eating). Feel free to swap around the order if you prefer to start your day with Body Calm before doing a Mind Calm sitting later on. You also want to have regular open-eyed 'Calm Moments' throughout your day. For Calm Moments, engage GAAWO before thinking one of the Calm Thoughts. Then get on with your day until the next time you remember to have a Calm Moment.

TOP TIP 3 : Attend the Live Broadcasts

Every month there are four live Calm Gathering broadcasts - for meditating together, asking questions and receiving on-going guidance. There is also an online Workshop for diving deeper into the CALM teachings and techniques. Attending these live broadcasts is the best way to continuously develop and get the best from your membership. See the SCHEDULE for details. 

TOP TIP 4 : Take Advantage of the Online Resources

Day or night, there is hours of insight and inspiration available to you within the Calm Clan. We recommend you watch the complete Mind Calm and Body Calm Online Courses to fully understand and appreciate the power and potential of the CALM teachings and techniques. You will also benefit from watching the Expert Interviews and find loads of great information from the Gatherings and Workshops archive. There is an ever-growing and exclusive library of Guided Meditations for you, along with a collection of Articles to read and digest too. 

TOP TIP 5 : Don't Quit Too Soon!

You can cultivate a consistent inner experience of calm, happiness, love and freedom from problems. This is a rare opportunity, it is possible for you, and can positively transform every aspect of your life. Along the way, you can discover who you are (as opposed to who you think you are), the true nature of reality, and wake up to an awe-inspiring life. But what you must know from the start is that it's a habit to think too much, to judge, to worry, to get stressed, and not be consciously aware, present and still. You may come up against the occasional 'bump' on your road to a more restful way of being and living - so don't quit too soon and ask for help when required! Members who engage with us and make the commitment to persist until they succeed get the best returns on their investment and are always delighted with the results they get.

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