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How to Use the Calm Clan and Quick Start Guide to Mind Calm Meditation


Inside the Calm Clan you will find video, audio and written resources to help you with meditation, health and healing, stressing less and relaxing more, sleeping better, being free from anxiety, improving relationships, goals and success and spiritual awakening.

USER GUIDE: The Members Hub (where you always arrive to after logging in) is the main hub for easily accessing all recently added content, along with the most popular resources.  At the top of the Members Hub, you will also find the monthly schedule of live broadcasts  - including weekly meditation gatherings and monthly workshops. To attend these live, simply click on the schedule listing image at the date/time of the webinar. If you miss any of Sandy's live broadcasts then you will find highlights and replays on the Members Hub - in the Highlights, Recent Gatherings or Workshops listings - these are added within 24 hours. For announcements and inspiration, we invite you to join the Calm Clan Facebook Group - request to join HERE.


We are aware that your motivations for joining the Calm Clan are unique and with 200+ hours of teaching videos and a growing library of guided meditations available, where should you start? We recommend you begin by learning the GAAWO technique - which can quickly give you an experience of peace and presence. GAAWO is also the first step of Calm Meditation - so its important to know it. Then commit to a regular Calm Meditation practice because this will help you to benefit from everything else shared within the Calm Clan. The recommended daily practice is to listen to the Mind Calm Guided Meditation in the morning and Body Calm Guided Meditation later in the day - both found on the Member Hub and downloadable in the Meditation area. Watch these two videos to learn GAAWO and learn the Mind Calm Meditation technique:

1) This 8-minute video introduces you to the GAAWO technique, which gives you instant peace and presence - anytime, anywhere - and is the first step of open and closed eye Calm Meditation. 

2) This 27-minute video covers your motivation to meditate and the 3 steps of the Mind Calm Meditation technique. After watching, play the track below to do your first Mind Calm meditation sitting. You will find Body Calm has the same 3 steps and just uses different Calm Thoughts.


Once you've started meditating, you are encouraged to explore your personal area(s) of interest. To make it quick and easy to find what you need, when you need it, we have pulled the resources together into 8 categories including: Meditation, Mind and Emotions, Health and Healing, Stress Less and Relax, Sleep Well, Love and Relationships, Goals and Success and Spiritual Awakening. Inside each of these areas, you will find the most relevant guided meditations, workshops, audiobook extracts, articles and more. To access any of these areas from here, click on the appropriate image below:

Questions? Ask us via the chat function at the bottom of every page or at the next live broadcast. 


Imagine you are outside on a clear sunny day looking up at the big blue sky... Naturally, you feel calm, relaxed and wonderfully well. Then, out of the blue, a bird flies across your field of vision. Upon noticing the bird, you take your focus away from the still sky to instead track the movement of the bird as it flies on by.  But you don't stop there. You then start thinking about the bird - 'I wonder where it's coming from and going?' ... 'Why is it flying solo?' ... 'Oh no, has it lost its friends!?!' ... and before you know it you are no longer feeling as calm or well as you once were.  Instead, you are now feeling concern for the bird. 

What's the bird and sky got to do with you, meditation or calm?  

Inside you, right now, is a big sky of awareness and within that awareness there are 'birds' flying around - including thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, life circumstances... even the words you are reading right now are things you are aware of and therefore 'birds' in your 'sky of awareness'.  

The CALM approach is about becoming much more interested in and attentive to the conscious awareness that's aware of your mind, emotions, body and life.  By being consciously aware, you immediately FEEL YOUR AWARENESS instead of FEELING YOUR THINKING (which can often be negative). You discover that your awareness is still, silent, peaceful, powerful, unlimited and infinite. It is who you really are (as apposed to who you think you are) and by being Consciously Aware in Life with the help of a Meditation technique like C.A.L.M., you can wake up to the most wonderful life - not later when you've fixed, changed or improved everything, but NOW.  

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