This guided meditation helps you to heal your relationship with the world so that you can more calmly co-exist with whatever is happening. Through honouring the timeless truths that the ‘outer reflects the inner’ and ‘as above, so below’ with this meditation you can be a positive presence in the world, and help it to heal, by being the change you wish to see. Looking out at the tapestry of tasks requiring love and attention and choosing to see and be the potential for peace and love, you are a beacon of light guiding the heart of humanity home to the unifying truth that connects and calms us all.



Here's a specially selected collection of past Workshops that are relevant for spiritual awakening:

1) KNOW THY SELF. This workshop explores the big question of Who Am I? Sandy talks about who you are not and guides you into the direct experience of your Real Self.

2) DISCOVER YOUR DIVINITY: This workshop includes Sandy's original teacher of meditation - Narain Ishaya, author of 'Chit Happens: A Guide to Discovering Your Divinity' and covers some big spiritual questions. 

3) MODERN MONKS LIFE: This workshop includes guest expert and modern-day monk Maharani, and shares the 10 principles both she and Sandy live by on a daily basis. 

4) LUCID LIVING: This workshops includes guest expert Tim Freke, author of Lucid Living, and shares how to balance daily life with waking up to the eternal truth of reality. 



Here's some extracts from Sandy's audiobooks that are relevant for spiritual awakening:

1) THE SPLENDER OF SURRENDER. In this chapter from Sandy's Mind Calm audiobook he talks about why surrender sits at the heart of the happiest of lives. 

2) UNHEARD HEART. In this chapter from Sandy's Body Calm audiobook he talks about how unhealthy compromise is a symptom of living asleep to your Real Self.  

3) CALM CURE YOUR WORLD. In this chapter from Sandy's Calm Cure audiobook he described what the world would be like if we were all already awake and what you can do to be the change you wish to see in the world. 



Here's a specially selected collection of articles by Sandy that are relevant for spiritual awakening:

1) ARE YOU HAVING AN IDENTITY CRISIS? This article invites you to discover the permanent part of you rather than believe you are the temporary personality etc. 

2) WHY THE SECRET TO SUCCESS IS STILLNESS. This article explains why stillness is so important for living the best life. 

3) 13 SCARY BUT TRUE SPIRITUAL TRUTHS. This extra special article outlines 13 spiritual truths that aren't for the faint hearted. Read it and give yourself a pat on the back for having the courage to explore what it means to be truly alive and awake.