Q&A SESSIONS are your chance to ask Sandy questions and get the answers you need to overcome any challenges you're facing (during meditation or life in general) and deepen your experience of the CALM teachings. Please use the form below to submit your questions* and listen in live at the next Q&A SESSION.

* Don't know what to ask?  We've made a few suggestions below too... 

Q&A Session with Sandy - September 2016

Q&A Session with Sandy - July 2016 


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I have a physical condition, what might the mind-based cause be? (Sandy loves being asked this!)

My friend really hurt me recently and I can't stop going over and over it in my mind.  What can I do?

I keep struggling with getting distracted by my noisy neighbour, how can I get over this?

When meditating I don't feel peaceful and have loads of emotions. Does meditation just not work for me? 

I keep falling asleep when I try to meditate.  What can I do to stay more awake?

Meditation appears to be about 'surrender' but that sounds like giving up to me. What does the term mean?

What is enlightenment?! 


How to attend a Q&A SESSION

The Q&A SESSION broadcasts are hosted via the Zoom meeting platform. At the beginning of every month, the link and password (if required) is posted on the SCHEDULE page. Simply sign-in, click on the link at the session time, type in the password (if there is one) and you're in. Please note, if it's your first time using Zoom, you may need to download the software to your computer so click the link a few minutes early to allow time.