Congratulations for deciding to be a Premium Member of the Calm Clan! 

It has been said that the 'best way to learn is to teach' so your Premium Plan Resources have been carefully selected to support this philosophy. You have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and living experience of self-awareness and learn the knowledge and skills required to share the Calmology principles and techniques with your friends and family, if you wish. By being a Premium Member you are able to access higher levels of guidance and advice and be part of a network of people committed to helping each other to live the best life. 

First Things First ... 

We need you to agree for us to add your details to the Co-Coaching Network. You can do this by EMAILING US to let us know you've subscribed as a Premium Member and provide us with your contact details. Please provide the following information - Name, Country, Email, Skype ID. We will aim to add you to the Co-Coaching Network Listings within 48 hours. By providing us with your details, you are agreeing to be contacted by other Premium Members and Sandy's Calm Academy Calmologist Students - for the purpose of doing Co-Coaching Sessions using the Calmology techniques. 

Supervision Sessions Webinar Schedule

Check the Premium Member Schedule for when the next Supervision Sessions are happening and get them in your diary. You can attend them even if you haven't done any of the Level 2 courses yet - as it will give you a good feel for how it all works and you can ask Sandy any initial questions that you may have. There is a Supervision Sessions happening every month. During the Supervision Sessions you are encouraged to ask Sandy questions, observe the techniques in action and share your experiences using what you're learning on yourself and during your Co-Coaching Sessions. 

It is a requirement that Premium Members doing Co-Coaching Session attend the monthly Supervisions Sessions as often as possible - to ensure that they are able to use the techniques safely and effectively. Recordings of these Supervision Sessions are made available on the odd occasions that you are unable to attend live.

Co-Coaching Network

This is a big benefit from being a Premium Member - the ability to give and receive Mind Calm, Body Calm, Calm Cure and/or Mind Detox 'coaching' sessions. By delivering and hearing the Mind Calm and Body Calm 'talks' you will end up with a far greater understanding and experience. And by helping others with the Mind Detox and Calm Cure techniques, you will gain so much from hearing other people's key learnings and witnessing them heal. 

Think of it as having a global network of people willing to help each other to live the best life possible. All of the instructions for engaging the Co-Coaching Network are found inside the Premium Member Resources area of the Calm Clan. However, allow us to mention a few important guidelines here:

  • Please watch BOTH the Level 1 [found HERE] and Level 2 courses [found HERE] of the Calmology technique you want to practice before doing any Co-Coaching Sessions.

  • If you are a new member and starting with the Level 2 Mind Detox or Calm Cure courses, please attend a minimum of 3 Supervision Sessions BEFORE doing any Co-Coaching Sessions - so that you are ready to use them safely and effectively.

  • We recommend doing your first 5 Co-Coaching Sessions with Sandy's Calm Academy Calmologist Students. This is especially important when practicing Mind Detox or Calm Cure. 

  • Attend the live Supervision Session webinars to get to know the other Premium Members and Calmologist Students. Take a note of the names of the people you resonate most with and then contact them via the Co-Coaching Network Listings. 

  • We recommend you direct all questions to Sandy during the live Supervision Sessions - to avoid any confusion. 

  • Please take notes during your Co-Coaching Sessions and share any discoveries or difficulties at the live Supervision Sessions.

  • We encourage you to accept that you will feel drawn to work with some people and not as excited to work with others. It isn't personal. We all have valid personal preferences - in the same way we all have a preferred meal, model of car or holiday destination. If you don't connect with anyone in the Co-Coaching Network, just move on without creating any drama! :-)

  • If when working with anyone you come across any past memories or issues that are of a more serious mental, emotional or physical nature - stop. Then, both get up, do five over-head claps while looking upwards with a big smile on your face. This helps you to immediately change your state into a more positive one. This is not a network for any deep psychological work. Please leave that to the trained professionals by working with a qualified Calmologist, doctor, counsellor or health practitioner.

  • You must remain a Premium Member in order to continue doing Co-Coaching Sessions with anyone in this network. This ensures the network remains exclusive and you have the guidance you need to use the techniques safely and effectively.

  • Participation in this Co-Coaching Network is at your own risk and in line with our Policies. Talking of which, the Co-Coaching Network is a personal development tool and not a replacement for appropriate professional support. If you are struggling with any serious personal issues and/or health conditions, please work with a qualified Calmologist, doctor, counsellor, psychologist or healthcare professional as your circumstances require. The Co-Coaching Network is for deepening your personal understanding of the mind and the mind-body connection. If you are unsure, please ask at a Supervisions Session or get in touch.

Watch the Level 2 Calmology Courses

The Level 2 Calmology Courses teach you the techniques at a deeper level, along with how to share them with friends and family. Each course consists of training videos and supporting training manuals. The Mind Calm and Body Calm courses teach you a series of 'module talks' which, when you know, enable you to convey the teachings and techniques effectively. You can practice delivering the talks during your Co-Coaching Sessions. If you find any hard to deliver, then it means you need to 'live the teachings' more in your life. This is amazing feedback and can inform what you need to play with in your daily life before your next Co-Coaching Sessions. 

The Calm Cure and Mind Detox Courses teach you how to share the techniques with friends and family, including the exact scripts used. You want to memorise the scripts provided, in order to be the most effective at using the techniques during your Co-Coaching Sessions. Please note that these techniques are both an art and science that you need lots of practice with in order to become the best you can be at using them. Sandy has done hundreds of coaching sessions to become an expert at using them. Be patient, be willing to get confused sometimes and take what you learn with you to your next Co-Coaching and Supervision Session. 

Questions? Ask Sandy at the next Supervision Session!