Welcome to the Level 2 Mind Detox Online Course.

These online course materials give you the information and instruction you need to effectively and safely use the Mind Detox Method with your friends and family. Consisting of 9 videos, the first 3 guide you through the method from a coaching perspective and the final 6 include practice sessions showing students using the method on 'real life' issues, with Sandy's guidance and feedback.

If you are a new Premium Member and starting with this Level 2 Mind Detox course, please attend a minimum of 3 Supervision Sessions before doing an Co-Coaching - to ensure you are properly prepared. 

Topics covered during these videos include: 

Session 1 The Prep  / Session 2 The Steps / Session 3 The Resolution  / Session 4 Demonstrations / Session 5 Paris Practice / Session 6 Pairs Practice  / Session 7 Pairs Practice / Session 8 Pairs Practice / Session 9 Pairs Practice + Graduating

Please click on the buttons below to download the Mind Detox Coaching Manual including additional printable resources to support your progress through the course and also the Mind Detox Scripts. It is a requirement for doing Mind Detox Co-Coaching Sessions to have memorised the Mind Detox Scripts (i.e. everything highlighted in blue in that document) so it's time to get studying! We trust you enjoy learning Mind Detox on a deeper level and playing with the technique with your friends and family. To share Mind Detox professionally, you must upgrade to the full Calmologist Certification Course.

Session 1 : The Prep


Session 2 : The Steps


Session 3 : The Resolution


Session 4 : Demonstrations


Session 5 : Pairs Practice


Session 6 : Pairs Practice


Session 7 : Pairs Practice


Session 8 : Pairs Practice


Session 9 : Pairs Practice