EMAIL US with your contact details and we will add you to the network. Please read this section carefully and follow the recommended guidelines - before contacting anyone to organise a Co-Coaching Session.  


This Co-Coaching Network* consists of your fellow Premium Members and also Sandy's Calmologist students. Co-Coaching Sessions provide you with the opportunity to give and receive Calmology sessions - using the Mind Calm, Body Calm, Calm Cure and/or Mind Detox techniques. Think of it as having access to a global team of practicing coaches willing to help you to live the best life. 

Please watch BOTH the Level 1 and Level 2 courses of the technique you want to practice before doing any Co-Coaching Sessions. If you are a new member and starting with the Level 2 Mind Detox or Calm Cure courses, please attend a minimum of 3 Supervision Sessions BEFORE doing any Co-Coaching Sessions - so that you are properly prepared. We recommend you direct all questions to Sandy during the live Supervision Sessions - to avoid confusion. It is a solution-focused, caring and respectful network of people taking full responsibility for their life. 

Please take notes and share any discoveries or difficulties at the monthly Supervision Sessions. You must remain a Premium Member in order to continue doing Co-Coaching Sessions with anyone in this network. This ensures the network remains exclusive and you have the guidance you need to use the techniques safely and effectively. Participation in this Co-Coaching Network is at your own risk and in line with our Policies

* The Co-Coaching Network is a personal development tool and not a replacement for appropriate professional support. If you are struggling with any serious personal issues and/or health conditions, please work with a qualified Calmologist, doctor, counsellor, psychologist or healthcare professional as your circumstances require. The Co-Coaching Network is for deepening your personal understanding of the mind and the mind-body connection. If you are unsure, please ask at a Supervisions Session or get in touch.



When you are doing the Level 2 Mind Calm or Body Calm courses, you will use the Co-Coaching Sessions to practice delivering the Talk Modules or play with the Mind Calm Games or Body Calm Quick Start Cures. When doing the Level 2 Mind Detox or Calm Cure courses, you can use the Co-Coaching Sessions to practice using the techniques and to receive coaching for personal benefit. 

* * * * * 

1 - If it's the first co-coaching session, start by sharing why you decided to be a Premium Member of the Calm Clan.  

2 - Decide who is going to be the 'coach' and who's going to be the 'client'. Agree on what you are going to work on and either deliver the relevant Talk Module(s) or do a coaching session using the relevant technique(s). Please do not work on issues that may require qualified professional help.

3 - After the session, the 'coach' shares how they found the experience - what they were strong at and what they would do differently next time. The 'client' offers feedback too - remembering to be kind because you are both learning! 

4 - Swap roles so you have both given and received and then provide feedback, as you did in step 3. 

5 - Schedule the next Co-Coaching Session, if appropriate. 



Craig Nicholls - England - Email: - Skype: threesecmem 

Clare Sawtell - Ireland - Email: - Skype: mary.clare22

Richard Armstrong - England - Email: - Skype: TBC

Lou Parker - Email: - Skype: TBC

Angela Newall - Email: - Skype: angela.newall1

Danielle Barra - Australia - Email: - Skype: dannvivi13

Kenneth Dahl - Denmark - Email: - Skype: KennethDahl

Bonni Smith -  USA - Email: - Skype: simplycoachb

Paula Gibson - Ireland - Email: - Skype: paulagib04

Carolyn Whitmore - England - Email: - Skype: carolyn.whitmore

Cirrus Dobinson - England - Email: - Skype: cirrus clouds_1

Marion Ashley - Ireland - Email: - Skype: marion.ashley

Frauke Paetsch - Germany - Email: - Skype: schlurch1177

Emma Parsons - Australia - Email: Skype: eparsons2009

Christina Walker - England - Email: - Skype: christinakwalker

Alison Taylor - England - Email: - Skype: alisonmosstaylor

Martine Mesman - Netherlands - Email: - Skype: darmarmes

Lorna Carlini - England - Email: - Skype: lornablueaura

Nigel Grimes - England - Email: - Skype: jazzyfans

Linda Williams - England - Email: - Skype: linda.sde

Sharron Miller - England - Email: - Skype: sharron_139

Becci Godfrey - England - Email: - Skype: TBC

Carolyn Sykes - England - Email: - Skype: TBC

Maya Carrington - England - Email: - Skype: maya.carrington

Sandra Power - Canada - Email: - Skype: sandra.power2

Josie Truelove - England - Email: - Skype: josie.truelove


Nan Wilson – England - Email: – Skype: NanWilson

Johannes Martens – Norway - Email: – Skype: joh_mart_2

Kathryn Sassall – England - Email: - Skype: sassallkat

Janet Broomhall - England - Email: - Skype: jkbroomhall  

More contacts will be added as Premium Members subscribe.

These details are for making contact regarding Co-Coaching Sessions only. Please refrain from adding them to your own mailing list or using them to advertise your own products or services. Contact us if you would like your contact details added or removed. Thank you.