Welcome to the Level 2 Calm Cure Online Course.

The home study materials below give you a deeper understanding and experience of Calm Cure, along with the information and instruction you need to share the Calm Cure philosophy and technique with your friends and family. Consisting of 8 videos, the first session takes you through the 2 primary principles and 3-step technique from a coaching perspective, the next 4 include pair practice sessions so that you can see the technique in 'real life' and hear the feedback we offer to new Calmologist students and the final 2 sessions share the life principles you will be able to share with your friends and family to help them to transform their relationship with the spectrum of life. 

Please scroll down to watch the videos and download the audio recordings of the videos and printable supporting articles. 

If you are a new Premium Member and starting with this Level 2 Calm Cure course, please attend a minimum of 3 Supervision Sessions before doing an Co-Coaching - to ensure you are properly prepared. 

Topics covered during these videos (V) include: 

Session 1 Principles + Technique / Session 2 Demonstrations / Session 3 Pairs Practice / Session 4 Pairs Practice / Session 5 Paris Practice / Session 6 Pairs Practice  / Session 7 Life Principles (Part 1) / Session 8 Life Principles (Part 2)

Please click on the buttons below to download the Calm Cure Script. It is a requirement for doing Calm Cure Co-Coaching Sessions to have memorised the Calm Cure Script - so it's time to get studying! We hope you enjoy learning Calm Cure on a deeper level and sharing the talks and technique with your friends and family. To share Calm Cure professionally, you must upgrade to the full Calmologist Certification Course

Session 1 : Principles + Technique


Session 2 : Demonstrations


Session 3 : Pairs Practice


Session 4 : Pairs Practice


Session 5 : Pairs Practice


Session 6 : Pairs Practice


Session 7 : Life Principles (Part 1)


Session 8 : Life Principles (Part 2)