Welcome to the Level 2 Body Calm Online Course.

The home study materials below give you a deeper understanding and experience of Body Calm, along with the information and instruction you need to share Body Calm with your friends and family. Consisting of 6 videos, I will guided you through the talks you need to learn in order to teach your friends and family the background theory and techniques included within Body Calm. I will also give you background guidance on how use the Body Calm Meditation technique, the Embodying Exercise and Directories. For the talks, please download the Body Calm Coaching Manual (click button below) to get the Talk Assessment Trackers (TATs) for summaries of the main points that need covered during each talk.  

Please scroll down to watch the videos and download the audio recordings of the videos and printable supporting articles.

Modules covered in the videos (V) include: 

V1  Intro to Body Calm + The Body Calm Philosophy / V2  Body Calm Benefits + Meditation Technique / V3  When the Body Heals / V4  The Common Causes of Bad Health / V5  Embodying Exercise / V6  Coaching with the Directories

We hope you enjoy learning Body Calm on a deeper level and sharing the talks and technique with your friends and family. To share Body Calm professionally, you must upgrade to the full Calmologist Certification Course.  

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