Narain Ishaya


Narain Ishaya was born in England in 1969.  His family moved to Australia when he was 7 years old. While always leaning towards the spiritual aspect of life, he had a series of expanded experiences in 1995 and beyond, and from that his search for spiritual truth was begun in earnest.  This culminated in him learning the Ishayas' Ascension techniques in 1998, the practice he uses to this day.

Since 1999, he has been traveling around the world, giving talks and lectures, weekend seminars and also in-residence retreats. His commitment is to expanding consciousness, having anyone that is ready to hear know that freedom from limitation is available to all, and it is easy. 

Narain has been a teacher of meditation, consciousness, and spiritual discovery for over fourteen years, and has taught in over seventeen countries.  He currently resides in the mountains of Spain with his wife and their very conscious dog.


Discovering your divinity

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