Let’s take a life-changing journey together towards an awakened life - filled with peace and presence, health and healing, love and laughter, and purpose and possibilities!

Throughout the year we will explore the all-important life areas of Purpose, Emotions, Health, Relationships and Abundance, with the final theme of the year decided by members. We will explore and resolve the root cause(s) of anything preventing us from enjoying the best life and cultivate an unshakable inner stillness - which is the solution to the majority of problems and the secret to living a truly successful life.

The seasons order or themes may change if Sandy observes different needs within the members.


We’ve updated the schedule to provide more focused live webinars. Sandy’s Gathering on the 1st Monday of the month is now a Meditation Class. Every month Sandy will provide guidance on getting the best from meditation and provide things to play with to stay active in your practice.

The monthly workshops will now alternate between a Masterclass on the seasonal theme and a Mentorclass - which is a mentoring Q&A session with Sandy when you will share how you are getting on applying the seasonal theme advice and activities and ask questions.


Over the past 18 months, Sandy has been training the first generation of Calmologists. He is delighted to finally be able to share their insight and wisdom with you. On the 2nd Tuesday, 3rd Wednesday and 4th Thursday of every month you'll now get to meet and learn from them - with each bringing their unique examples and advice - for mastering meditation and enjoying the big benefits possible.


Our goal is the Calm Clan is an engaged community of connected like-minded people from around the world - all coming together with the common interest in meditation, personal growth and spiritual awakening. To help you to connect with other members and feel part of a ‘global movement of stillness’ we have now added a Forum to the Calm Clan. This is only accessible to active members and it’s a safe space to share your discoveries, ask questions and chat with other members. It is our hope you will make friends and return regularly to post inside the Forum.

The Forum has a number of different categories - General Discussions, Meditation Classes + Gatherings, Masterclass + Workshops, Calm Clan News and Using the Calm Clan. When posting, please select the most appropriate category so other members can easily find you and your posts. The forum also allows for the posting of images and videos - so let’s make it an inspirational and uplifting place to be.


During the year, Sandy will provide very specific advice and activities to play with - so we can all take a transformational journey together. To avoid overwhelm and save you time, we are ‘detoxing’ the amount of content within the Calm Clan - while still ensuring that you have what you need, when you need it.

For the best value in the shortest amount of time, when you log into the Members Hub, focus on the season theme resources - including the Masterclass or Mentorclass replays (if you missed the live webinars), and recommended videos and meditations. If you have more time or have specific issues you want help with (outside the seasonal theme), then you will find additional support in the Selected by Sandy categories on the Members Hub.


World Peace Begins With Personal Peace

We are primarily a meditation community. Our focus is on cultivating inner peace, presence and stillness - as when we directly experience these inner states of being many of the things that we thought were problems disappear. When we are at peace, living in the present moment and know the stillness of our Real Self, we discover what it means to be truly alive and automatically have a positive impact on the world.

We are grateful that you are here and embarking on this new Calm Clan journey with us. Happy New Year!