Over the course of 10 weeks, or more quickly if you prefer, you will focus on bringing the 10 states of being included in the 10 Calm Thoughts into your conscious experience of life. For each part, you’ll focus on one Calm Thought so that you can fully integrate it. Additional Mind Calm Games are provided to play with that can boost the benefits. Aim to invest around 30 minutes per day in making mind calm your way of life.



Morning Meditation

Each day begins with a meditation entirely focused on the Calm Thought relating to the part of the program that you are currently in.


Daytime Game

During the daytime there’s a Mind Calm Game to play with that explores being consciously aware. 


Evening Meditation

The evening meditation includes all 10 Mind Calm Thoughts so that you can continue cultivating all of the Mind Calm states of being.


During the program you will have a series of Mind Calm Games to play. Most of the games are best engaged with your eyes open and used alongside any other activities you are doing at the time. They help to cultivate the habit of being consciously aware throughout your day.

Some of these games will resonate with you and you will find that they work almost immediately. Others might not make any sense, or you may find them more difficult. My advice is to give each of the 10 Mind Calm Games a good outing. By actively playing with them you will make some amazing discoveries and, more importantly, you will make massive shifts in your unconscious thinking to a new and improved habit of present moment awareness.

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