Inside the Calm Clan we mainly use the Mind Calm and Body Calm meditation techniques. For the best results, do the following two meditation sittings every day. 

INSTRUCTIONS: When ready to meditate, get comfortable before closing your eyes and following the instructions included within each guided meditation. Scroll down for recommended videos covering the 3-steps in each meditation technique (including how to 'engage GAAWO' and enjoy the big benefits possible). You will also find workshops on mastering meditation and audios on cultivating the right mindset. Happy meditating!


Mind Calm meditation helps you to bring more stillness to your mind and cultivate positive states of being - peace, love and clarity etc. Used regularly, you can experience ‘peace with mind’ where by you can stay calm even if you have thoughts happening in your mind. 


Body Calm meditation gives your body the rest in needs to recover quicker and improves your mind-body connection communications. Used regularly, you can cultivate a more positive mindset so that you can enjoy better health and physical performance.



Here are some introductory teaching videos that are helpful when first learning Calm Meditation:

1) INSTANT PEACE + PRESENCE WITH GAAWO. Sandy teaches you how to use his GAAWO technique with your eyes open. GAAWO is the first step of Calm Meditation and provides instant peace with your mind through present moment awareness.  

2) WHY MEDITATE? Sandy gives a short but impactful argument for meditating. 

3) BEGINNERS GUIDE TO MIND CALM MEDITATION. This 9-minute video offers a quick introduction to Mind Calm Meditation. For a more complete 27-minute video - that includes guidance on getting clear on motivation to meditate, the 3 steps of meditation technique and the 10 Calm Mind Thoughts - please watch Part 1 of the Calmology Foundation Course, which you'll find near to the bottom of this page. 

4) MODERN-DAY MEDITATION TECHNIQUES. Learn about why Sandy created CALM.

5) THE POWER OF PRESENT MOMENT AWARENESS. A short explanation of the healing power of peace and presence.  



Here's a specially selected collection of past Workshops that are relevant for meditation:

1) MASTERING MEDITATION. This workshops includes Sandy's top tips for benefiting from and enjoying your meditation practice. 

2) MASTERING THE MIND. Sandy talks to meditation guest expert Manyu on how to master the your mind and get the best from your meditation practice. 

3) CALM 101. Sandy offers a 30-minute overview of the philosophy at the heart of CALM and then goes on to answer questions from members. 

4) SCIENTIFIC BENEFITS OF MEDITATION. Sandy speaks to David Hamilton PhD about the recent scientific studies proving the positive side-effects of meditation. 

RECOMMENDED: To learn more about the Mind Calm or Body Calm Meditations introduced here, you can find the complete online courses inside the Calm Clan. 



Here are some extracts from Sandy's Mind Calm audiobook, which can give you the right mindset for getting the most from meditation:

1) WHAT YOU WANT IS INSIDE YOU. This chapter talks about how 'you are what you want' and helps you to clarify your hearts highest hope.

2) THE 'PEACE WITH MIND' MIRACLE. This chapter talks about how you can experience peace, even if you have thoughts happening in your mind. 

3) INTRIGUING MEDITATION HAPPENINGS. This chapter outlines what happens when you meditate and why, so that you know these common experiences are natural, normal and are an important part of the process to allow rather than resist. 



Here's a selection of articles by Sandy that can support your meditation practice:

1) WHY MEDITATION CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE. Without meditation people usually miss their life because they are too busy thinking about it. 

2) SIX MYTHS MESSING WITH YOUR MEDITATION. If you don't know what these myths are you will think meditation isn't working and most likely quit. 

3) THE QUESTION EVERY MEDITATOR MUST ASK. Answering this question can help you to start healing your relationship with your mind. 





This Calmology foundation course teaches you the primary principles and techniques for clearing and calming your mind, healing the hidden causes of health issues and transforming your relationship with life for living with peace and presence.

The entire course can be completed in under three hours so it's the quickest way to gain an overview of what's on offer inside the Calm Clan.

Although it may not be obvious, at first glance, that all parts of this course can help with your meditation practice, they all do. If when meditating you find yourself battling certain thoughts, memories or uncomfortable emotions, for example, then it is very useful to use the Calm Cure or Mind Detox techniques to get peace with these things. Together, the Calmology principles and techniques help you to be less distracted by your mind and more easily maintain present moment awareness.



Foundation Course


Mind Calm

Meditation for 'Peace With Mind'



From Stress to Serenity



From Upset to Upbeat


Body Calm

Meditation for Healing & Health



From Helpless to Healed


Mind Detox

For Resolving the Root Causes


The Past

From Unforgiven to Free


Calm Cure

For Peace With Any Life Issue