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How to Meditate with CALM


GAAWO is an acronym that stands for 'Gently Alert with your Attention Wide Open' and it involves 'doing exactly what it says in the name'. To engage GAAWO, look ahead while simultaneously relaxing your gaze so that it opens up to the right and left. Continuing to look ahead, notice what is in your periphery - shapes, colours or objects. Don't look at any of it directly. Simply include them in your wider field of vision to the left and right. Now notice what is above and below in your periphery as well.

Feel what it is like to be gently alert with your attention wide open. You may notice your mind has less thoughts and you are feeling more calm, still and relaxed. Well done!  Now try it with your eyes closed.  Obviously you won't see anything, but explore what it is like to close your eyes while remaining gently alert.  You will find a similar result to with your eyes open.  

Whenever using CALM, always begin by engaging GAAWO for a while before moving onto the next step... 


There are 10 Mind Calm Thoughts and 10 Body Calm Thoughts and you will think one of them after having GAAWO engaged for a while. For example, one of the Mind Calm Thought is - 'OM PEACE' and when thinking 'OM PEACE', you will put your focus in your Solar Plexus (which is midway between your navel and heart centre).  

Together, the complete Mind Calm Thought is: 'OM PEACE' (Focus Point: Solar Plexus). You don't think 'Solar Plexus', instead, you only think the two words 'OM PEACE' while having your focus in your Solar Plexus. Once you've thought one of the Mind Calm or Body Calm Thoughts, simply move onto Step 3 of the CALM technique... 

Unsure how to use the Calm Thoughts? Don't worry - it will become clear once you've attended our LIVE GATHERINGS


Let go of the Calm Thought words and focus point by re-engaging being Gently Alert with your Attention Wide Open (GAAWO). Wait for while, letting whatever wants to happen to happen. This may include thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, environmental sounds etc. All of these are common meditations happenings that you want to allow instead of resist.

After a while longer, you will drift off into thinking about other things. Again this is OK as it will happen naturally. After what may be a few minutes of thinking, you will become aware that you've been off in your mind. When you do, simply repeat the 3 Steps: Engage GAAWO, think a Calm Thought (usually the next one in the series), re-engage GAAWO and so on. The video on the right guides you through a complete Mind Calm Sitting. Sit back, relax and have a go at your first CALM meditation. 

You will also find a 14-minute guided meditation for the Body Calm technique too (in the LISTEN/GUIDED MEDITATIONS section). You can use CALM with your eyes open (what we call having a CALM MOMENT) and with your eyes closed (in CALM SITTINGS). We recommend having a Calm Moment anytime you remember to do so plus 2 or 3 15-20 minute Calm Sittings per day. Enjoy CALM and remember to join us on the next LIVE GATHERING. If you have any questions submit them HERE for the next Q&A SESSION and to learn more / dive deeper you are very welcome to attend the next online WORKSHOP

Why CALM 108?

It's a bit of an in-CLAN joke... Anyone who knows Sandy quickly learns that his lucky number is 108, so when creating this quick-start section for people new to CALM (or in need of a reminder), the obvious name for it would be CALM 101, so we had to call it CALM 108... 

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