Heal the Hidden Causes of Conditions


When you fully appreciate the immense and immediate impact that your mind is always having within your body and life, it becomes clear that physical wellness and emotional well-being are intimately connected.

Consequently, physical health complaints don’t necessarily have purely physical causes and unhealthy beliefs and emotional unease can be the common hidden causes to many chronic physical conditions and persistent life problems.

Ignoring the underlying causes is a bit like attempting to flatten a turbulent river without first removing the jagged rocks sitting below the surface; you can try all you like, but without removing the rocks it’s going to make very little long-term difference!


Move beyond treating symptoms

Medical professionals, taught by classical institutions, are often trained to view the body as separate from the mind and focus on finding physical reasons for physical conditions. Diagnoses are generally given based upon the collection of symptoms showing up within the body. If you have swelling, stiffness and pain in your joints, then you’ve got arthritis. If you have tiredness and weight gain then your thyroid may not be working properly.

Or if you have abdominal pain, bloating, cramping and/or undesirable bowel habits, you’ve developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome (I.B.S.), which his commonly said to be caused by food intolerances or stress. Although it sounds like these medical labels are providing diagnoses as to why you have the condition. Upon examination, these explanations are not diagnosing the cause, but are only offering a medical name for your group of symptoms or diagnosing symptoms of other symptoms, with the real root-cause(s) remaining unknown.

Exploring the hidden cause

When working with clients with physical conditions, I will usually begin by asking what diagnosis they have received from their doctor. Then, having been given the medical name for the condition, I will enquire what they were told is causing their issue, with the answers usually including: age, ‘wear and tear’, ‘because it just happens’ or ‘bad luck’. For me, these answers do not satisfy my curiosity when wanting to understand why.


Taking the above examples further: being informed that you have painful joints because you have arthritis is not being told the cause; it is only being given a name for your symptoms. Or receiving the diagnosed of a thyroid condition as the cause of your weight gain or I.B.S. due to food intolerances also falls short. Why has the thyroid stopped functioning or why has the body become allergic to certain foods? When you get the answers to these questions, you move much closer to finding and resolving the cause, which is often a conflict experience. 


The healing power of peace

Over the past few years, both myself and the coaches I’ve trained, have witnessed remarkable remissions from health conditions; including skin conditions clearing up, chronic pain vanishing, and digestion problems disappearing, to name but a few. Along with this, we’ve also witnessed the healing of many other emotional issues and life problems – all from helping people to heal their unhealthy beliefs by making peace with their past with the Mind Detox Method and get peace with life through the Calm Cure. 

The possibilities are infinite! Big benefits can be gain from stepping beyond treating surface-level-symptoms to discover and heal the hidden mind-based causes of physical, emotional and life problems. By making peace with your past and present life circumstances, chronic stress is reduced, allowing the body to heal, and by clearing your unhealthy beliefs, you can use your mind as the incredible tool that it is to create improved levels of wealth and well-being.