This is a 10-minute Manifestation Meditation that takes you through a powerful 'goal installation' technique. It works by having you both visualise and 'feelingise' what you would like to create. Combining both a clear intention with positive emotions is the key to co-creating what you want and a core 'secret' to the law of attraction. 

To use this guided meditation, you need to first know the direction of your 'Time Line' - which is how you unconsciously store and relate to time. So without over-thinking it, if you had to point to your future, where would you most naturally point? Ahead? Right? Or some other direction in relation to your body? Trust your first answer, which is the most obvious answer to you. Once you've clarified the direction of your timeline, decide what you would like to create in your life and press play to install the goal in your Time Line.

Use this on one goal until it is achieved or feels inevitable. Initially use it daily then drop down to weekly or monthly to keep the intention fresh in your awareness. 



During this money meditation you are going to experience that you can feel secure without external financial security, you can feel worthy without outer financial wealth, and you can feel free  without externally sought financial freedom.

Secureness, worthiness and freedom are states of being that are permanently present within you, accessible now, and always now. Irrespective of your current bank balance. I invite you to know that you are wholly worthy and valuable and focus on the richness of all that is already present in your life. True financial freedom comes from your willingness to experience the full spectrum of financial possibilities. So allow this meditation to increase your willingness for money to flow freely to and through you. You will discover that by being self-aware and healing your relationship with money, that you can increase your self-worth while also improving your net worth.




This online course is based upon Sandy's bestselling New Beginnings book. It shares the once known but often forgotten 'Inner Teachings' that create the inner platform you need to make the rest of your life the best of your life. This video series shows you how to attract your goals and enjoy a healthier, wealthier and happier life.

Modules during this online course include:  M1  The Purpose of Life + Outer Reflects Inner / M2  Be Here Now + Rest in Being + Live in Love / M3  Resistance it Futile + Compromise Corrodes / M4  Prioritise Praise + Positive Focus has Power / M5  Let Go to Let Grow + Meet the Universe Half Way / M6  Manifestation Meditation + Goal Installation Process