Let Go Of Labels


You know what you’re feeling, right?

We assume so. However have you ever stopped to consider how you know what you are feeling? We’ve been taught different names (or labels) for the ‘different’ emotions we experience. Anger. Sadness. Fear. Guilt. Anxiety. Happy. Hopeful. Excited. The list goes on. But what if they aren’t 100% correct labels? What if you’ve only ever felt fragrances of love?

How would you relate to your inner energy if you knew it was love? Would you resist it or rejoice in loves ever-present presence?

One part of meditation is to let go of the labels we’ve been taught so that we can experience truth. The more you explore this it can become clear that you don’t feel different emotions but only different frequencies and intensities of the same, one, universal energy. Breathe. Let go of labels. Let love awaken and stretch its wide open wings within and around you...