Peace with Anxiety


I was working with a Calmology client today who’d been having trouble with feelings of nervousness and anxiety - that had been paralysing his progression through each day - to the point that he’d been hiding away from life for the past few months.

Calmology is focused less on changing or getting rid of emotions - such as anxiety - and much more on learning to be at peace with our emotions.

Emotions are energy. We need energy to heal and to create. I don’t experience any energy as negative. It is all life giving. It is all life bringing. It is all a gift. It exists to aid creation through us.

To suppress our energy is to lower our inborn ability to allow health, wealth and happiness to flow. We never want to resist our emotions. The more energy the better, which includes all forms of energy that your mind might habitually label as negative.


My client is a keen gardener. So to help him understand, I said ‘who knows how a seed feels before it bursts open to reveal its unseen potential?’ He immediately burst into a relief rendering smile – in which he could see that he’d been resisting a vital and virtuous aspect of himself. He could see that life has been inviting him to step up and has been giving him more energy to help new things to be born through him. He was just mislabelling it as negative 'nervous anxiety'.

I invited him to play with assuming every emotion has as much right to be inside him as his lungs, liver and lunch! To not push away any emotional experience. To breathe into them and let them move around and within his body. To wake up to any suppression of his life force, to breathe into it all and let it be present within him.

I invite you to play with the same and enjoy the liberation that comes from being at peace with your emotions.