This 14-minute guided meditation is for cultivating the attitude required for experiencing peace with the full spectrum of your emotions. This is the key to emotional freedom because emotions become problematic if there is resistance to experiencing certain ones or any attachment to only experiencing the ones that we’ve been taught are positive. By healing your relationship with your emotions you are learning there is no need to try to fix, change or improve them.

This comes from knowing you are not your temporary emotions, that emotions are not caused by the external life events that you believe are making you feel bad, but by feeling your thinking about life. That peace is not the absence of emotions but instead, peace is what the awareness that’s aware of all of your emotions feels like, and ultimately, the more emotions the better.



Here's a specially selected collection of past Workshops that are relevant for freedom from anxiety:

1) UPSET TO UPBEAT. In this shorter workshop, taken from the Calmology foundation course, Sandy talks about healing your relationship with emotions. 

2) FEAR OF THE FUTURE. Sandy responds to questions about fear and how to deal with anxiety. Go straight to 26-minute mark in video for answers. 

3) EMOTIONAL FREEDOM. This two hour workshop helps you with the five most common negative emotions - anger, sadness, fear/anxiety, guilt and hurt - and ends by introducing you to 'enlightened emotional freedom'. 

4) BEFRIENDING FEELINGS. Sandy talks to guest expert Dr Mark Atkinson about the benefits of befriending feelings. 



Here's a specially selected collection of audio extract from Sandy's audiobooks that are relevant for freedom from anxiety:

1) CALM CURE YOUR EMOTIONS. This chapter from Sandy's Calm Cure book talks about how to calmly co-exist with 'negative' emotions, such as anxiety. 

2) UNCOMFORTABLE EMOTIONS. This chapter from Sandy's Body Calm book talks about how to be 'comfortably uncomfortable' whenever emotions like anxiety arise. 



Here's a specially selected collection of articles by Sandy that are relevant for being free from anxiety:

1) COMMON SYMPTOMS OF ANXIETY. This article explains the different between a ‘normal and healthy’ experience of anxiety and an actual anxiety disorder.

2) BEING COMFORTABLE FEELING UNCOMFORTABLE. This article talks about why we find feelings like anxiety so uncomfortable and shares a quick start cure for being comfortably uncomfortable. 

3) QUICK START CURE FOR ANXIETY. This articles explains that what you resist will tend to persist and provides another quick start cure to help increase inner harmony. 

4) PEACE WITH ANXIETY. This article shares a case study from one of Sandy's Calmology clients, including a more positive way of relating to anxious feelings.