You will meet with your fellow course students (either in person or online) for a minimum of 5 co-coaching sessions for each of the 4 techniques (20 in total).

These co-coaching sessions give you the opportunity to support each other, gain invaluable practice delivering the talks and personally benefit from using the Calmology techniques. 

When you are at the Mind Calm or Body Calm Coaching part of your course, you will use the Co-Coaching Sessions to practice the Talk Modules or play with the Mind Calm Games or Body Calm Quick Start Cures. When at the Mind Detox or Calm Cure parts of the course, you will use the Co-Coaching Sessions to practice using the techniques. When nearing the end of your course, make sure you've practiced combining techniques within single sessions by using whatever is required. 

Take notes and share any discoveries or difficulties at the monthly Supervision Session.



1 - If it's the first co-coaching session, start by sharing why you decided to do the Calmologist training.  

2 - Decide who is going to be the coach and who's going to be the client. Agree on what you are going to work on and either deliver the relevant Talk Module(s) or do a coaching session using the relevant technique(s). 

3 - After the session, the coach shares how they found the experience - what they were strong at and what they would do differently next time. The client offers feedback too - remembering to be kind because you are both learning! 

4 - Swap roles so you have both given and received and then provide feedback, as you did in step 3. 

5 - Schedule the next Co-Coaching Session if appropriate. 



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