You are not your thoughts

Peace of mind is possible while having thoughts because you are not your thoughts. Remember, thousands of thoughts pass through your awareness every day. They are constantly coming and going; that’s what thoughts do. Thoughts appear for only a moment and then disappear to be replaced with another thought and then another one.

You exist even when you are not having thoughts.

Yet, despite countless thoughts coming and going today, there has been an aspect to you that has been here the entire time. An aspect to you that is permanent. That’s your real self. It is continually present, irrespective of the quality or quantity of thoughts that come and go. This undeniable fact means one very important truth: You have thoughts but you are not your thoughts.

LET’S PLAY A GAME  - Counting Thoughts

But don’t take my word for it. Stop reading, close your eyes and watch your mind; quietly observe the thoughts owing through your mind. Then, whenever you become aware of a thought – which could be about this topic, something you need to do later, or anything else – simply give the thought a number: one, two, three and so on. Awareness of a sound occurring is a thought. Awareness of a physical sensation is a thought. Even the voice in your head saying you aren’t having any thoughts is a thought! So make sure you count them all. How many thoughts can you count over the next two minutes?

Stop Reading and Do It Now

Having done that, how many thoughts did you count: two, twenty- two, 202? It really doesn’t matter how many. What matters is the fact that you could count even one thought. Why? Because this shows that you cannot be your thoughts. Instead, you are that which is aware of your thoughts. A thought is an object and you are the observer of the object. One is constant, whereas the other is constantly changing. Thoughts come and go. But you don’t. 

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