Peace is not present in the past or future

Despite your peace only ever existing now, the potential exists for your attention to slip into the past and future via your mind. Going into the past is only possible if you go into your imagination. e past is nothing more than a collection of old thoughts. Reality, on the other hand, is what’s real, right now. (I think this is why it’s called real-ity!)

So if you want to experience real peace, I recommend you don’t waste a second intentionally thinking about past moments. You will not find peace there. Nor will you find peace in the future. The future might offer hope, but this present moment delivers you home to the peace, love and joy that is your birthright to experience, explore and enjoy. Remember, even if you are successful in your quest to make your past and future perfect, you can still only ever experience peace now. So again, why waste your time deliberately thinking about the past or future if experiencing peace now is what you ultimately want?

CALM is all about you experiencing peace, and it is impossible for you to directly experience anything truly fulfilling in any time other than now. But don’t take my word for it. Take some time to consider your top three best moments of your entire life so far. They will probably have one thing in common – you were present. Time had ceased to exist. You were not thinking about the past or future. Instead, you were giving your full attention to whatever was happening. The great news is that by learning to be present, much of your life can be as fulfilling as your best moments.

The Glorious Gifts from Being Present

Believe it or not, what’s happened in your past or what might happen in your future does not have to impact upon your current levels of peace. When you are fully present there is no time to dwell on the past, complain about the present or wish for more in the future.

You discover that it is much more appealing to be here, in this moment, than to think about the past or future. You notice that thinking about the past and future feels dead compared to the vibrancy of now. You notice that once something has happened, it is immediately in the past. Gone. For ever, even if it happened only a moment ago. You stop holding on to the past or fighting what might happen in the future. You know that nothing in the past is worth thinking about and nothing in the future could possibly bring you more peace than being present.

It becomes the natural choice to make the most of this moment.

No longer relying on your future to give you anything, you let this moment be enough and, as a direct consequence, experience perfect peace, limitless love and heaps of happiness. Fully present, you are not judging this moment or comparing it to a past or future moment. You experience life as being perfect, whole and complete. You rest fully in the peace that’s always present. 

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