The purpose of life is to live fully

The purpose of your life is to live fully and completely. Although this might seem like a rather simplistic or understated purpose, it is profound. Most people aren’t living fully or letting life experiences come to their conscious completions. All too often, people resist what happens and thus stop situations from fulfilling their positive purposes. They also don’t experience life in its fullness because they are so preoccupied by their mind-made version of reality instead.

Busy recalling the past, distracted from the present or focused on thoughts about the future, they miss the magnificent moment and the magic that is constantly unfolding. Tragically, countless people only ever tentatively exist. With the intention of ‘getting by’, they never get around to living fully and end up dying unaware of their remarkable Self and the awe-inspiring beauty and perfection of life.

The purpose of your life is to live: engaging every experience as a sacred invitation to be present and rediscover more of your radiant real Self.

Everything happens to help you to fulfil this purpose. You are perpetually presented with invitations to move from stress to serenity, ignorance to awareness, separation to oneness, and in doing so, learning how to live more fully and completely, never wasting a moment. As a natural consequence, life is less about what you do and more about who and how you are, as you do; less about what happens and more about how you engage and respond to whatever occurs.

Do you resist or rejoice? Do you fight life or use everything to learn how to be more flexible and free? Do you act the victim or welcome the gifts you are given to grow? The choice can be yours, as long as you know that life happens not to hinder, but help you.

Knowing this ultimately means what you experience is less important than your relationship with life. With the right attitude, you can use all that happens, including ill health and adversity, as invitations to step up, wake up and show up fully. Reclaim your power to peacefully progress towards your purpose and be the most wise and wonderful version of your Self. 

Extract from Body Calm (Hay House, 2015)

Additional Commentary:

I believe life is happening to be experienced fully and completely.  And any time you're not then you have an inner conflict in relation to whatever has happened, is happening or might happen. The inner conflict is happening on your side of the fence, inside you - so if you want to reduce the suffering caused by the conflict you can do so by aiming to create harmony with 'what is'. Conflict arises from the inner push-pull dynamic of resistance and attachment. In other words, you are resisting something because you are attached to something else happening instead.  So if one exercise you can play with is to notice the areas/aspects of your life that you are in conflict with.  You will know because you will be experiencing a state of non-Calm. You'll most likely be in your mind over-thinking and your body will be going through stress/tension.  If you ever notice yourself feeling any of these ways, ask 'What am I currently in conflict with in my life?'.  Then aim to increase the inner harmony with it.  You can do this by letting go of your excessive thinking about it, playing with the Embodying Exercise (taught in the Body Calm course) or one of the many Mind Calm Games (in the Mind Calm book) or Quick Start Cures (in the Body Calm book). 

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