Permanent Peace Starts Now

Desiring peace is natural and beautiful. The remarkable news is that enjoying peace for life is possible. Yet, despite this exciting possibility, always remember: life is only ever happening now, so peace for life is 100 per cent about engaging present moment Awareness and being still now. If you want your experience of calm to be consistent then simply make it your number one priority to be inwardly attentive to still silent space now. Let the future take care of itself. The only thing that matters is where your attention is right now.

Ask yourself: Am I putting most of my attention on movement or stillness, sound or silence, stuff or space? If you find yourself caring whether your mind calm is permanent or not, it means that your attention has slipped away from the presence of your consciousness now and gone into the future via your mind. Be here now. Be in Awareness now. Be still now, and you will find that peace is permanently present – it always has been! 

Extract from Mind Calm (Hay House Publishing, 2014).

Additional Commentary:

I wrote this after having a conversation with my spiritual Teacher.  I remember asking him, 'How do I experience permanent peace?'.  He enquired, 'Can you engage present moment awareness and experience peace now?' I said, 'Yes, but, how can I experience PERMANENT peace?!' I remember him laughing at me and saying, 'Well, if you can be at peace now, then be at peace now. Let the future take care of itself.'

This was such a relief, because I had been striving for 'permanent' peace and it had eluded me. By making my peace all about 'now', which is possible, then it doesn't actually matter if it's 'permanent' (within the context of time and the future) as all that matters is... now!   

Sandy NewbiggingComment