5 Tips to Start Meditating

Tip 1 – Be physically comfortable.

You might want to sit on your sofa or lie on your bed with your back supported by a few pillows so you aren’t totally horizontal.  It’s good to be relatively upright, but comfortably so.  You may want to wrap a blanket around you so you are warm and ensure the lighting in the room is ambient.  Being uncomfortable when meditating can be an unnecessary distraction so always aim to be comfy and cosy.

Tip 2 – Be gently alert.

One of the purposes of meditation is to learn how to be less caught up in your thoughts about the past and future by instead being more present.  So when you close your eyes to meditate you want to have the intention to remain gently alert.  You will find that when you are alert you will have fewer thoughts when meditating.  But saying that, please remember, being alert need not take any effort.  Just be gently alert as you sit with your eyes closed.

Tip 2 – Be ok with having thoughts.

The goal is to learn to be ok with having thoughts by observing them instead of engaging with thinking.  You want to watch your thoughts happening and let them come and go.  You will find that if you can let your thoughts pass on by like birds in a big blue sky, you can experience a peaceful calm even at times when you have a busy mind. This healthier relationship with your mind is a great benefit from meditation.

Tip 4 – Be ok with whatever else happens.

One of the biggest myths about meditation is that you should solely experience still nothingness.  Obviously, stillness and peace can happen when you meditate, which can be lovely when it does, but you don’t want to be attached to your meditation being any particular way.

Tip 5 – Be committed.

You start benefiting from meditation from the moment you begin. You might not experience immediate peace or joy, but your body will get a chance to rest, release stored stress and heal. It may take a little time to experience highly noticeable changes, but if you start, and keep doing it regularly, you can be sure you will be experiencing much more peace, love and happiness over the coming months and years.

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