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Judgement Game

Judging things as being bad, negative, wrong or worse leads to problems, and the mind becomes very active when attempting to find solutions to problems.

Resist Persist

Resistance to perceived problems leads to stress and suffering. Whenever you feel bad then your mind becomes very active, trying to understand why you feel the way you do and all the ways you can fix, change and improve things so that you can feel good again.

Attach Catch

Believing that x, y or z needs to happen in order to feel good and be successful leads to a busy mind full of thoughts about how to get what you think you need.

Time Trap

Thinking that your past and future determine your current levels of peace, happiness, love and success motivates the mind to produce lots of thoughts about what’s happened or might happen. 

For a more in-depth video about these hidden causes, visit the CALM TEACHINGS area.


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