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How do you know you have a mind?  You're aware of it, right?  So by that rationale, within your now exists a mind and something that is aware of your mind.  Mind Calm is about becoming much more interested in, and attentive to, the conscious awareness that is aware of your mind, instead of going to great lengths to fix or change your mind, body or life.


Conscious awareness is still, peace-filled presence; it is not otherworldly, but as real as you can get.  Consciousness is the calm context of every thought, feeling, action and circumstance in your life.  Being consciously aware is the silent solution to any stressful situation and the secret to enjoying a truly successful life; free from fear, problems and limitations.   Full of potential, clarity, creativity, and calm, getting to know your conscious awareness offers you the ultimate love affair - oneness with your Self.

- Extract from Mind Calm (Hay House, 2014) by Sandy C. Newbigging



The 'CALM' part of the name stands for 'Conscious Awareness Life Meditation' - which is essentially what Mind Calm is all about - being more consciously aware in daily life.




Mind Calm is the modern-day meditation technique that gives you 'peace with mind'.  Instead of having to fix, change and improve your thoughts, emotions, body and life circumstances BEFORE peace is possible, Mind Calm can help you to live more in the present moment, engage with life in a more consciously aware way, learn to resist life less and as a result - feel much more calm, confident and content.

People using Mind Calm meditation often comment that they feel better from the first day of using it and see the benefits from continued practice. They are happy to have found a way to meditate that is easy, fun and effective, and fits into the daily routine.



Mind Calm can be used the traditional way with your eyes closed in what we call 'Calm Sittings'. You can also use it with your eyes open throughout your day too with 'Calm Moments'. Because is can be used anytime, anywhere, you can enjoy big benefits fast.  

People practicing Mind Calm will start by being gently alert to the present moment using an ancient yet modernly accessible technique that we affectionally called 'GAAWO'.  They will then think a 'Calm Thoughts' before re-engaging GAAWO again. The Calm Thoughts are different to mantras or affirmations. There are 10 Calm Thoughts in total, each serving a uniquely beneficial purpose. Mind Calm is intentionally very easy and simple because it is ultimately about 'being your Self'.  




Although Mind Calm is simple, for the best results, it is highly recommended you read the Mind Calm book and, better still, attend a live training course or work one-to-one with a qualified Mind Calm Coach.  Here's a video with some Mind Calmers sharing their experiences:

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