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Selection of guided meditations from Sandy's albums and exclusive tracks made specially for members. Sit back, relax and be guided through these powerful meditations for mind, body, soul and life. 

For the best results, aim to do a Mind Calm and Body Calm Sitting every day. 

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Due to publisher contractual reasons we cannot share the complete album here. CLICK TO BUY

This 14-minute guided meditation is for cultivating the attitude required for experiencing peace with the full spectrum of your emotions.

This is the key to emotional freedom because emotions become problematic if there is resistance to experiencing certain ones or any attachment to only experiencing the ones that we’ve been taught are positive. By healing your relationship with your emotions you are learning there is no need to try to fix, change or improve them.

This comes from knowing you are not your temporary emotions, that emotions are not caused by the external life events that you believe are making you feel bad, but by feeling your thinking about life. That peace is not the absence of emotions but instead, peace is what the awareness that’s aware of all of your emotions feels like, and ultimately, the more emotions the better.

NOTE: Please allow a few seconds buffering time before the track begins. 

This meditation helps you to heal your relationship with the world so that you can more calmly co-exist with whatever is happening.

Through honouring the timeless truths that the ‘outer reflects the inner’ and ‘as above, so below’ with this meditation you can be a positive presence in the world, and help it to heal, by being the change you wish to see. Looking out at the tapestry of tasks requiring love and attention and choosing to see and be the potential for peace and love, you are a beacon of light guiding the heart of humanity home to the unifying truth that connects and calms us all.

It is my hope that by using this meditation regularly, you experience yourself as a peaceful and positive presence in the world. You treat the planet as if it were nirvana, and interact with others knowing we are all divine. You welcome all of life, not just some of it, due to your deep willingness to experience the full spectrum of life and the endless possibilities of love. By you being peaceful and you being free, you are playing your part in helping the world know peace and humanity live free.


The Pink Light Technique is ancient in origin and can be used to heal relationships. It involves imagining yourself within a sphere of pink light, radiating from your heart. Before, one-by-one, covering others in the pink light.

For anyone you have a difficult relationship with, feel free to have them stand as far away as required to remain completely comfortable.  It will even work if you imagine the more tricky people standing as far away from you as the horizon.  However, for most people, you will be able to bring their image up closer in-front of you.

No conversation with the other people is required, and it takes only a moment to cover them in pink light, so it should only take a few minutes to complete. It is best used as a daily practice – lasting around 5 minutes – at the end of your Calm Sittings. You only need to do it once a day. Enjoy! 

MANIFESTATION MEDITATION is a 10-minute guided meditation that takes you through a powerful 'goal installation' technique. It works by having you both visualise and 'feelingise' what you would like to create. Combining both a clear intention with positive emotions is the key to co-creating what you want and a core 'secret' to the law of attraction. 

To use this technique, you need to first know the direction of your 'Time Line' - which is how you unconsciously store and relate to time. So without over-thinking it, if you had to point to your future, where would you most naturally point? Ahead? Right? Or some other direction in relation to your body? Trust your first answer, which is the most obvious answer to you. Once you've clarified the direction of your timeline, decide what you would like to create in your life and press play to install the goal in your Time Line. It is recommended that you use this on one goal until it is achieved. Initially use it daily then drop down to weekly or monthly to keep the intention fresh in your awareness. 

BODY CALM SCAN is a 23-minute guided meditation that focuses on bringing balance and healing to 25 areas of your body. During this enjoyable meditation, Sandy guides you through a series of positive and powerful ‘Embodying Thoughts’ that are specially designed to help heal the most common mind-based causes of conditions occurring within the different body parts.

Starting at your toes and moving up through your body, using this meditation regularly can improve the communications happening within your mind and body and encourage the body to remain in a state of inner harmony and healthy balance. 

BODY CALM ORGAN SCAN is a 14-minute guided meditation that harnesses the power of the mind-body connection to aid the healing of the main organs of the body. During this powerful meditation, Sandy guides you through a series of 'Embodying Thoughts' that have been carefully formulated to heal the most common mind-based causes of conditions within the main organs. 

Including your heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and nine other organs, if you have a physical problem relating to any of your organs or simply want to support their on-going health, you don't want to miss this wonderful guided meditation. And if you need a reminder as to what your organs look like and where they are located, CLICK HERE.


More guided meditations will be CALMING SOON... 

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