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Welcome to the Body Calm (Level 1) Online Course by Sandy C. Newbigging.


WHY WATCH? Body Calm is the self-healing meditation technique that helps your body heal and stay healing.  It works by helping you to disengage the flight-flight-freeze stress response, cleaning up the communications happening between your mind and body and heal the unhealthy beliefs that may negatively impact your health and vitality.  

When meditating with us during the live Gatherings and Workshops, Sandy will either use Mind Calm or Body Calm meditation (and often both). This course gives you the information and instruction you need to enjoy the big benefits of Body Calm. Consisting of 7 videos lasting between 60-90 minutes each, you will develop a deep appreciation of the connection between your thoughts, emotions, body and soul and learn how to use the Body Calm Meditation Technique and the Embodying Exercise.

WHAT'S COVERED? Modules covered during this Mind Calm online course include: 

M1  Overview of Body Calm Philosophy, Techniques + Exercises / M2  Healing Unconscious Thinking + Uncomfortable Emotions  / M3  Healing Unhealthy Beliefs  + Unresolved Past + Unwanted Present / M4  Healing Unloved Body + Unheard Heart + Unawake Being / M5  The Body Calm Meditation Technique + Group Calm Sitting / M6  Common Meditation Happenings + Optimum Mind-Set / M7  Embodying Exercise + Common Physical Conditions + Causes

We hope you really enjoy this course and please ask any questions you may have at the next Q&A SESSION.

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Video 2/7 Support Resources

Video 3/7 Support Resources

Video 4/7 Support Resources

Video 5/7 Support Resources

Video 6/7 Support Resources

Video 7/7 Support Resources

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